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Prospero Tree Financial Services is dedicated with passion in enhancing the financial lives and enriching the legacies of our clients. As a privately held financial firm, we offer independent, unbiased financial counsel that is primarily focused on our clients’ unique needs and priorities. We have a rich heritage in providing financial services and research based investment advice to our esteemed clients for more than 25 years. Our deep financial markets understanding have earned us the trust of many high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and institutional investors thereby creating a family that is constantly growing. Prospero Tree Financial Services can guide, preserve and create wealth on your investments through its best-in-class investment research along with maintaining highest level of integrity.

Our passion is reflected from the sincere efforts and output of our research where tremendous care is taken for educating the investors. Prospero Tree's simple yet well researched and critically analyzed reports on financial markets help investors to think appropriately and help improve better decision making.

We cover various areas and provide perspectives on varying topics related to the stock markets, debt markets, money markets and other financial instruments as required by genuine investors to make informed decisions.