First generation entrepreneurs are those who have started their business through their innovative ideas and skillsets. Typically, they do not have any entrepreneurial background. They are innovative, possess quick decision-making abilities, have leadership traits, and carry an intuitive capacity to take appropriate risks.


As and when their entrepreneurial ventures start stabilising, they require substantial assistance in managing those finances to secure their personal and their company’s long term financial future. 


Prospero Tree’s unique approach to wealth management centres on the principles of understanding your requirements and creating long term relationships based on trust. Experts at being able to navigate the complexities of the evolving financial world, we ensure that we simplify the framework and focus on key areas and principles of how wealth can work for you.

We give tremendous importance to the fact that entrepreneurial success is an outcome of your enormous hard work and dedication. Irrespective of the size you may have achieved, we try to understand your profile and requirements to suggest a tailor-made financial plan that is best suited for you. 


Several times, entrepreneurs will find themselves in a situation of transition, from running your business to managing your money due to the exit from your existing ventures. Though this may sometimes look deceptively easy, if you do not take enough pains in terms of educating yourself with appropriate mental models around managing finances, it can turn out to give a very counterproductive outcome.