The demographics of women in India has changed rapidly over the last 10 years. We now find aspirational women across the entire Indian diaspora of corporate India, politics, technical fields, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Women are now becoming an integral part of the economy and the future of businesses. More women are taking stewardship of family and business finances. Additionally, the social circumstances due to premature death within family or due to issues related to separation are also forcing women to take lead in managing their finances. 


Though the principles and mental models of investing don’t change across gender, we think that women investors require a completely different approach in terms of the wealth handling process. Today’s women are in genuine need of advisors whom they can trust and take advice on comprehensive financial planning. They sometimes do not realise this and take more time to trust as they are sandwiched through generational and gender pressures. The problem is compounded for those women who do not have any understanding of financial matters and are still forced to make decisions that they never made.

We, at Prospero Tree, have therefore created a tailor-made strategy in dealing with women investors. Our comprehensive financial planning specifically takes into account your inputs where we try to focus on overall advice and not on only on particular products. We also help you reach out to us more easily so that you can talk freely about all parameters influencing financial decision making and deal it with the utmost confidentiality. 


In our experience, we have found women investors to be very conservative about investing. This mindset is driven by many factors like potential career breaks and lack of confidence regarding financial matters. Therefore, we take immense efforts to explain and easily educate women investors.