Though Goal-based financial planning is just a small sub-segment of overall comprehensive financial planning and wealth management, thinking about it in the form of clearly identifiable goals is more appealing for many investors.


It also helps you to think with improved clarity and therefore helps you to be more disciplined with your finances. These goals are quite different for different sets of investors and entities. However some of the most easily identifiable ones can be ... 


  • Purchasing a dream house
  • Funding education
  • Financial independence ambition
  • Matrimonial expenses 
  • Family vacation planning 
  • Gifting and philanthropic goals


It is more sensible to approach the wealth puzzle with a comprehensive financial plan which takes into account multiple aspects of your past, your current and potential future possibilities. Nevertheless, based on a specific investor profile and taking into consideration the behavioural aspects of investing, we help you plan for, and achieve your medium to long-term goals.