Insurance, true to its spirit, plays an important role in helping you prepare for the unexpected. Life insurance can provide adequately for your dependents during such challenging times.


It is also important to understand that insurance products are not created to create wealth; however, the primary focus comes from the concept of protection during bad times. 


Additionally, insurance companies have also designed endowment and annuity products that, to an extent, protects investors from interest rates risks and re-investment risks and helps you discipline yourself for a long period.


However, more often than not, we have seen insurance products being sold only from the point of view of tax savings and with a fear of missing out mindset. This may entail many people to commit to completely wrong insurance policies that are not suitable to you or are outrageous from the expense ratios and therefore the cost to you.


As a part of overall financial planning, we help you and protection seekers to improve your insurance portfolios based on your insurance requirements and cash flow planning.