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Financial Planning & Investment Strategy

A financial plan is the road map for your financial life. It covers major financial areas of your life addressing aspects such as cash flow, savings, debt management, risk management, childrens education planning, taxes, retirement, estate planning, and of course, investments and a strategy for managing them. It is more than a guide. It is a written strategy that gives you a clear, pragmatic path to follow towards the accomplishment of your most important financial goals.

  • Financial planning is the process of developing strategies to attain your financial goals by using a right mix of investments based on your risk profile, cash flow needs and your current assets and liabilities.
  • Prospero Tree offers advisory service to help its clients achieve their financial goals. We have a dedicated team with years of experience in the field of financial planning. We offer uniquely tailored solutions catering to your financial needs.

We will help you

  • To define your financial goals.
  • To see whether your goals are realistic for your timeline.
  • To make required changes in your existing allocation.
  • To find new ways to maximize your return on investments.
  • To identify the risk you hadn't thought of.
  • To keep track of your investments regularly.

Which Type of Investment is For You?

When you decide to join the world of investing, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider and think over. Aside from the where you would like to invest and the amount of valuables you are willing to risk, you also have to consider which type of investments you want to pursue. Yes, there are different types of investments that you can gauge and consider.

There are two types of investments done in the trading market. These two major classification falls under short term investments and long term investments. If you find yourself more confused in choosing which to choose among these two types of investments, simply be aware of the differences and the pros and cons and you will be on the right track.

Basically the major differences between these two types of investments are that short term plans are designed to show a substantial return in a short period of time. Long-term investments meanwhile, are investments designed to last for a few years or so and present a slow, steady progressive increase in its yields.

Portfolio Management Services is a highly sophisticated service wherein a portfolio manager makes investments in Equity, fixed income, debt and other money market instruments which caters to clients who can either be Individuals or Institutions who are of high net worth individuals as the minimum value of investment is 25 lacs.

Portfolio management services at Prospero Tree aims at appreciation of the capital by making investments in sectors and growing companies while considering the risk potential & tenure of the investment. PMS strategies are thematic strategies which aim at maximizing the investors wealth while making investments in diversified stocks in sectors which show growth at a fast pace.

We offer a range of managed, diversified portfolio strategies that can be personalized around you and your investment preferences. Your money will be managed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who follow a disciplined investing process supported by deep research.

DEFINITION of Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. Retirement planning includes identifying sources of income, estimating expenses, implementing a savings program and managing assets. Future cash flows are estimated to determine if the retirement income goal will be achieved.

BREAKING DOWN Retirement Planning

In the simplest sense, retirement planning is the planning one does to be prepared for life after paid work ends, not just financially but in all aspects of life. The non-financial aspects include lifestyle choices such as how to spend time in retirement, where to live, when to completely quit working, etc. A holistic approach to retirement planning considers all these areas.

The emphasis one puts on retirement planning changes throughout different life stages. Early in a person's working life, retirement planning is about setting aside enough money for retirement. During the middle of your career, it might also include setting specific income or asset targets and taking the steps to achieve them. Once you reach retirement age, you go from accumulating assets to what planners call the distribution phase. You're no longer paying in; instead your decades of saving are paying out.

Our Tax Management & Analytics group focuses on integrating finance and tax data into a 'one-stop shop' for tax departments. This provides a holistic view of tax-sensitive information, including transactional and pre-computed aggregated data, which allows clients the ability to access the right information at the right time.

Data integration and tax-sensitizing data can make the greatest positive impact on tax and support the case for identifying solutions for locating, validating and manipulating tax data.

  • Identify and reduce tax risks,
  • Understand and meet their compliance obligations,
  • Implement tax strategies that complement their business and operational objectives,
  • Resolve disagreements with tax authorities when they arise, and
  • Manage tax accounting and reporting issues and design of best in class tax functions

By addressing your needs, we can devise, communicate and execute a strategy that balances tax planning, business collaboration and risk management.

Insurance Analysis

Our litigation work has included disputes over coverage, pricing, sales practices, class certification issues, and claims handling and payment. We also have experience across lines of insurance, including life, health, disability, annuities, auto, homeowners, mortgage, title, workers' compensation, and others.

Prospero Tree provides investment, insurance, and annuity analysis services to clients in the India.

  • Survivor Income Needs
  • Capital Needs
  • Estate Liquidity Needs
  • Long Term Care Needs
  • Disability Income Needs

Annuities Analysis

Annuity Analysis includes the annuity's interest rate and how long that rate is promised, the offering company's financial ranking, the expected monthly income, and other pertinent information.

  • Is an Annuity Right for you?
  • Is your Current Annuity Meeting Your Needs?

To help combat the problems with annuity sales practices, Prospero Tree offers annuity review so you can see how the annuity contract you are considering compares to the returns you might get in the stock market. We'll use the information from the annuity company to compare how your investment might otherwise do in the stock market using their assumptions. Then, you'll be better prepared to make an informed decision on what is right for you.

A Medicare managed care plan is one way to get coverage for the health care bills that Medicare doesn't pay. Medicare managed care plans are HMOs or PPOs that provide basic Medicare coverage plus other coverage to fill the gaps in Medicare coverage. These plans are called Medicare Advantage plans, and are technically known as "Part C" of Medicare.

The increasing costs of Healthcare are a source of worry for most individuals not fortunate to be covered under a corporate medical scheme.

We apply analytical expertise to health economics and outcomes research, litigation services, market access and commercial strategy, and health care policy engagements, as well as drug-safety related engagements in epidemiology.

In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, the financial implications can be crippling The expense level depends on the intensity and extent of the contingency. Whether there is an emergency or there is a planned medical attendance in a hospital as an outpatient or as an inpatient, Health Insurance provides tremendous relief to the affected.

Educational planning involves designing an investment strategy that specifically addresses the educational needs of your family. Specifically, it involves forecasting what those needs will be and helping you create a plan to satisfy those needs.

We take into consideration how much time until the start date, if it is either public or private, the investment returns needed to achieve the required capital and if your family qualifies for any type of financial aid.

We can help you plan accordingly so that you will be ready for the next stage of your child or grandchild's educational growth. It's important to begin saving early to reduce the initial funds required by taking advantage of the power of compounding over time.

Solid, coherent policies and plans are the bedrock on which to build sustainable education systems, achieve educational development goals and contribute effectively to lifelong learning.
Types of Education Planning:

  • Short-term planning
  • Middle-term planning
  • Long-term planning

At Prospero Tree, we can help you evaluate your options and develop a plan to provide for your education or the education of your children or grandchildren

Risk management occurs everywhere in the financial world. It occurs when an investor buys low-risk government bonds over riskier corporate bonds, when a fund manager hedges his currency exposure with currency derivatives, and when a bank performs a credit check on an individual before issuing a personal line of credit. Stockbrokers use financial instruments like options and futures, and money managers use strategies like portfolio and investment diversification to mitigate or effectively manage risk.

With the proper risk management procedures in place, you can identify threats, avoid surprises and manage risk effectively. And in the end, you'll discover where those risk-mitigation strategies can be turned into competitive advantage.

How We Can Help :

  • Commercial Contract Assurance
  • Privacy Advisory
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Emerging Technology
  • Sustainable Business Solutions
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Transformation Assurance
  • System and organization controls reporting